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Do you need help finding a new job? Do you need help securing an internal promotion? Help with interviewing skills? Learning how to network? Tuning up your resume or writing a bio? RealEyes Coaching can help with that.

We offer a suite of services from Career Strategy and Career Planning Services to a la carte services, including help with professional marketing materials, interviewing skills, networking, and negotiating.

At RealEyes Coaching, we use intentional career management as a guiding principle:

While many people’s careers have just happened organically over time, at RealEyes Coaching, LLC we believe a more intentional approach (i.e., Intentional Career Management) can lead to a more successful and rewarding career.

We develop a long-term career goal then create a systematic plan or strategy to accomplish it, including what skills, capabilities, training, resources, and jobs you may need between today and your end (long-term) desired result. We work through each step of your process, including any marketing and collateral materials you need, networking, interviewing skills, and even negotiating the offer.

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Laser focused consultation during which we focus on your immediate issues and needs. During this session, we’ll focus on what you’re struggling with right now and develop an action plan for next steps to help you move toward the outcome you want.

Professional Career Strategy

A more comprehensive and long-term approach for clients with more time to invest in their career strategy. We begin by establishing your long-term career goal (4-6 years out), which opens more options than immediate goals can address. Next, we identify gaps and barriers that exist between your reality today and the dream job of the future and develop a clear set of actions for you to ultimately reach your long-term career goal. We conclude with a detailed action plan for immediate next steps for the right next job that will align with your long-term career intentions. The outcomes of this package are a well-defined career vision and a clear strategy or roadmap that will get you to that vision.

Comprehensive Career Consulting

The most comprehensive career package, our Comprehensive Career Consulting package begins with the Career Strategy component (establishing your long-term career goal, your roadmap to get there, and the next job you’ll have that serves your long-term vision) and builds from there. After we identify your long-term career vision and develop your roadmap, the rest of the engagement consists of preparing you for your next job. This includes preparation of your marketing materials (resume, bio, personal introduction, LinkedIn profile, etc.), networking, interviewing, and offer negotiation.



We also offer these services a la carte for clients looking for help in only a subset of these categories.

  • Career Coaching & Consulting
  • Career Strategy, Career Development, Career Planning Services – immediate and long-term
  • Professional Marketing and Collateral Material
  • Networking Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Negotiating Skills

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